Friday, October 02, 2009

Conservative Japan?

So imaginary readers, since I'm in Japan now.. My future posts would probably involve Japanese culture, people, or the country someway or another. Hope u guys don't mind.

We all know what a conservative society this is right? I remember a friend that went to China for study abroad told me that he actually prefers China than Japan because Japan has too much rules and regulations in it. Chinese just live their life whatever way they want it to. I didn't really understand it much because at that time I thought that all Asian societies are the same.

But my god. How wrong I was.

Japan is just crazy with its rules. Everywhere you go is just rules, rules and more rules. And people actually follow them! Like crazy! Its like its built into their system!

And of course compared to the US they're much much more conservative. My gay friend went to Japan for study abroad and he had to go on a live chat software program to get to know people. Can you imagine that? Using a live chat software to find some action? Everybody was against homosexuals and the homosexuals themselves were all in the dark. So as a foreign exchange students, the only way he could meet potential partners was through the internet. And of course that didn't went too well.

Asian societies. Sigh..

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