Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Adopt or Not to Adopt?

I am always very intrigue with the whole adoption thing. I feel that its a really good thing to do: to adopt a child. First, you don't add on to the already populated world and second, there is one less poverty stricken child because of you.

But my parents have always been against this whole adoption thing. They always say that adopting a child is nothing like having your own children. I get that, but can't I have both my own children and adopted ones?

To them, its totally fine with helping out another human being but you do not have to bring them into your home and take full responsibility of them. What if they become bad? Or something? You'll always harbor the feeling that they are not your "true blood!"

And another issue is whether to tell the child if he or she is adopted or not. Of course its totally not an issue if the kid is of difference race than the parents but what if its not? Do you hide from the child his or her whole life?

I always felt that telling the child early on is the best way because what if the child finds out later in his or her life that he or she is adopted? They will then feel that their whole life was a lie!

Worst, what if one day, a member of the family needs a transplant or something and when the child realizes that he/she can't donate through DNA testing, it'll be even worst!

Imagine finding out your mother is not who she say she is at her death bed!

But the other end of the spectrum is, why not just let things be? Why bring in extra trouble?

I wonder how Angelina Jolie and Brat Pitt does it! That is certainly the perfect epitome of a family with adoption issues!

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