Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sleepless in..

Can't keep up with my travels?

I'm in the land of wireless internet and 3G networks!

Yeah.. sounds great but I can't use my phone here! =.=

Still can't guess?

Yup! The land of bimbimbaps! =)

Wish me luck traveling on my own for the first time in a total foreign country!


Charmaine said...

yaaaaay bibimbap!!! authentic bibimbap!

nikki said...

Only thing I know is "puktan" in Korean, which means "girl bomb" which means "a helluv an ugly girl". Tazer anyone who says that to you! XD

Josette said...

Enjoy your travelling! :) How I'd love to get away from everything and travel to far off places. But will need to save up some cash first!

zewt said...

more like i cant keep up with your paid post :)