Friday, August 07, 2009

Pretty vs Pain

Being a girl is seriously not easy. I mean being a "woman" is seriously not easy. First you have to worry about your appearance, then you have to make sure you can cook well and party well, like the Chinese saying. Being a modern woman is even tougher. You not only have to be the perfect mother and wife, you have to have a successful career too!

Gosh! What a life!

One thing that I havent gotten use to is wearing heels! Seriously, wearing heels needs practice! I used to wear heels when I was in high school but since studying in California where everyone wears flip flops, I have totally lost the ability to wear heels!

Why must women wear heels? Can't we wear sport shoes, or flat sandals to work? Must we wear heels to be sexy? Dansko is comfortable. But you either wear high heels and suffer the consequences of pain or wear comfortable shoes and be ugly.

Which one do you choose?

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nikki said...

One thing I'm really glad about my career in science is that I get to wear canvas and sneakers to "work". Haha. Yeah, its quite unfair to be expected to deal with heels. I guess its almost relative to feet binding when it comes to women vs men on footwear.