Saturday, July 11, 2009

I want babies !

Women nowadays face lots of problems. On one hand, one wants to be a successful career minded woman while on the other hand, one still has to fulfill her motherly desires and her biological clock by having children. And that’s definitely not an easy thing to achieve, how can one be a successful career woman while at the same time maintaining a healthy harmonious family? I always have a problem dealing with this. I mean I already know that I want a family in the future, but at the same time I want a career on my own. I definitely don’t want to be a housewife that stays at home looking after the children all day long. No offense to housewives. =)

But I also don’t want my child to spend his or hers vital years in the care of a maid or a babysitter. I’m sure lots of women are facing this dilemma nowadays. Seriously not an easy question to solve. However, I guess things are easier now with blogging and online home business where you can deal with your own business at the comfort of your home. Not only can you work at your own time but you can also be with your children at their most important years. Of course there is a lot of scams out there in the internet world that claims you can strike it rich with just a click but with one is successful, one can really get good money.

Hmm.. I wonder how do I start my own home business. What should I sell? My old stuff! Teehhee!

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