Monday, June 01, 2009

Fortune Tummy

I'm back in Malaysia!!! Hooray!!! I have been eating soo much!!! Every time you ask a Malaysian what they miss most about Malaysia when they're living abroad, the answer is always definitely food. Nasi kandar, maggi mee goreng, curry, dal, nasi lemak.. And the many meals we have a day. When I was in the US, I basically only had 3 meals a day. Now.. I have almost 10 meals a day!!! =.= I eat even when I'm not hungry!!! What the???!!!

I have already put on weight in the US. And when my friends put on weight, they're like, "don't worry, I'll lose it when I go back home!" I know that's not gonna be true in my case. Although I like to think that Malaysian food is not as fattening as cheeseburgers everyday. But who are we kidding? Malaysian food is oily (argh), everything is fried or soak in coconut milk. >.<

Even the best diet pills wont work for me. I don't believe in them anyways. I mean how can eating some pill make you slim and sexy without any hard work put into it? Yeah right. You can try. Maybe it works for you but..

Meanwhile, I just have to not meet any of my old friends. SHh... I'm not back in Malaysia. Hehe..

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