Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I finally installed Microsoft 2007. Argh.. a dinosaur like me wanted to leave it to the very last moment to update my Microsoft but I couldn't wait any longer because my university was going to change all its system to the 2007 version next school year.

Its pretty cool actually, this Microsoft 2007. The presentation is much more sleek and cool. But the usage is a little bit confusing. Everything is not where it is supposed to be. An old hag like me is going to have a hard time trying to find where everything is. Argh..

You know you're old when you need to ask a small child to tell you where u can change the size of the fonts. =.=

I love my laptop though. I bring it everywhere I go now. It serves as a good tool to kill time when you're forever waiting in the airport. I wish they had electrical sockets in the airplane, especially when you're on a 18 hours flight. BORING.

No wonder people are having wholesale computers now. Its getting outdated.


zewt said...

why is everyone switching to win7????

anyway... back in malaysia i presume... welcome back.

-Princess Shin- said...

Hey Zewt,

Haha.. don't tell me you're an Apple guy. The competition between Apple and Microsoft is soo fierce esp in the US. Haha..

Yup! I'm back! Hehe..

zewt said...

nah... i am just happy with my windows vista...