Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kenny Sia attended a prom!

Argh!!!! I just found out that Cody was in the same room as Kenny Sia..

What? You don't know who is Kenny Sia?

The only bestest Malaysian blogger in the world. He does not bitch about people like some other "popular" Singaporean blogger to make people go to her blog more. Though he does make fun of people sometimes but.. seriously.. I hate those people that pin point other people for their flaws. Who do you think you are? >.<

Ok.. I'm getting off topic again as usual.. But argh.. I lurve... Kenny Sia. He makes me miss home so much. He's like my occasional dose of Malaysian drug all the way from US. And sad though it may seem, he's my source of latest information in Malaysia too. I unfortunately don't read the news often. Boohooo.. Though lately he seemed to be blogging a little too much on events and advertorial stuff. But who am I to comment! Hehe.. me who blogs because of paid post. Shh..

Anyway.. back to topic again. Kenny Sia's latest post was on the prom he attended in MMU (Multimedia University). Cody told me a while ago that he was gonna have a prom soon and I didn't give much thought about it even though I was a little jealous imagining him dancing with all the other girls but.. well.. I'm here and he's there.. I just have to trust him.

But I didn't think it was a big thing. Ya know.. its just a prom.. But then he told me that Jien was gonna be there. Ya know.. Jien from Disney and Malaysian Idol. He doesn't look his age at all!!! He looks 25!!! I think he's like late 30's or something. And he recently had a "shot gun marriage". Hehe.. scandals scandals.

Ok.. ANYWAY...Kinda big deal but still not as big deal. Then the prom came and went. And he showed me pictures that he took with Jien and a really familiar Malaysian celebrity whom I later found out was Stephanie Chai.

Ok.. so MMU invited famous people to host their prom. That's great! Not the normal boring event where you just sit around looking at each other and acclaiming how beautiful everyone look. Cody kept telling me that he had something exciting to tell me but he wanted to show me the pictures to get my reaction. And he never got around to telling me.

Until I went to Kenny Sia's blog and read about his MMU post. KENNY SIA WAS IN FREAKING MMU!!!!!!!!

Ok.. I'm making a big deal out of nothing. He's just a blogger. But a super nice blogger who is still humble in his roots! And most importantly he does not BITCH!!! Did I mention again how I hate people that bitch about other people? People that dish about other people's little flaws like how big their pimple is!

Though I kinda wonder how it would be like to actually meet him in person. Dya think he'll scorn at you and walk away? I don't wanna sound like an obsessive fan..

Hmm... dunno!

Kenny Sia was in the same room as Cody!!!! And if I was back home, I would have attended the prom too... Right Cody? Right right?

And the saddest part.. Cody got to take a picture with him.. Bohooo..

Ignore the fact that Cody is all "My Chemical Romance"

Not the best picture to show off but still better than nothing.

And I'm tooo excited to care about anonymity. Whatever... Wahaha...

I wonder if Kenny Sia remembered this picture? He probably took a gazillion pictures that day.

I'm half way across the world..!!! Argh.!!!

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