Monday, April 14, 2008

Having a Car

I have been trying to get a car for myself ever since I got here. Aside from going around when I'm bored with the campus, I feel I need a car if I want to do some internships.

Not easy to get a car though. Especially with a stingy dad! >.<

"Dad.. are you reading this?"

Anyway, though cars here are cheap, compared to Malaysian cars, gas (Yup! They don't call it petrol) here is quite pricey. Malaysians shouldn't complain so much about the gas prices because the government is already subsidizing quite an amount. Not to mention car insurance! It is so important over here. If you don't own one, you'll get a ticket if you get caught and over here in the States, there's no such thing as "paying the police for their afternoon snack".

Normal insurance will be about $80 to $100 something a month. Depends what kind of insurance you get. They have two kinds. One is for your car, and the other is for the car that you hit. Though most poor college students only buy insurance for the other car, not their own car.

I want my own car!!! Bluek!

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