Monday, March 03, 2008

Friends make everything special..

I was kinda preparing to stay in my room on my 21st birthday. Not that I was complaining or anything but I think society has sort of put an expectation on one's 21st birthday celebration. Don't ya think so?

That just because you have reached 21, that it is your 21st birthday, you must have a big celebration, a 3 days 3 nights thing, with you getting all wasted because you're finally legal to drink..

And if you stay in your room the whole day, that means you have NO LIFE!!!!

Not that I'm implying anyone who doesn't have that kinda birthdays are losers but this is what children are fed of since they were young.

Though my birthday didn't include me clubbing the whole night and being all wasted, it was amazing in its own special way.

My special way! =)

My friends came over at 1240am (yeah.. I have no idea why they were late) to my room with a box of Krispy Kreme dougnuts for me. I absolutely love these dougnuts and because I don't have a car to get around here, I rarely get to eat them. I was of course dressed in my PJ's because though I kinda expected them to do something, I told myself nothing would happen come 1230am so I was totally not prepared at all when they burst in to my room then.

I even had my.. ahem..! lady clothes on the floor for everyone to see.. =.=

Anyway, since they were all younger than me and the age limit to drink alcohol is 21 years old (not that anyone follows them), they bought me a bottle of apple cider (you'll love it Cody! It was sour though) and a few really weirded presents.

One was a sex book, "69 Ways to Please Your Lover: Sex Secrets for Ultimate Pleasure" handbook, which I have no idea where I'm gonna use it coz I'm worst than a nun here, a Dirty Minds Game, which is something like Taboo but this one makes you think dirty but is actually not, and a intoxicating dice game called "Shaken Up"..

Like I have parties in my room every weekend.

Not to forget a book of mocktails, which I strongly feel my friends wanted it for themselves.

But I love them nonetheless though..

The next afternoon, we drove down to Venice Beach, Santa Monica Boulevard. This was the first time for me to drive in LA. It was super fun!!! I managed to persuade someone to lend me his car and he actually agreed! I was estatic to finally be able drive around! I recently got my California license so I kinda trust myself but the right side/left side thing is seriously confusing. I have to constantly remind myself that Americans drive on their right side. Especially when you make a left turn, you're supposed to go to your right lane immediately, or else you'll be in the same lane as the incoming car!

THough at one point of time where I was a little nervous, my left hand actually reached out to turn the gear. Natural instinct i guess. (American drivers is on the left side of the car)

There were many times that we almost got lost but thanks to Google maps and Mapquest, we manage to find our way. Gone were the confusing gigantic maps.

We wanted to go to Hooters in the night for dinner. Hooters is a family restaurant where all the waitresses wear skimpy shorts and have big boobies to show off. I so wanted to go there but they had a wrestling game going on that night and it was fully booked! =( Sad sad.. the place was full of guys though. Haha.. scary big looking Americans!!!

Instead we went to Karls' Brewery Restaurant. Not bad..

Wings without bones. I see no point actually.

Fried Calamari!!!

Fish and Chips with a tinge of beer..

Some burger..

New York pizza I think..

Most of them wanted to make me drunk because I'm finally legal to drink but.. nah.. I'm not much of a drinker.. and furthermore.. I was the one driving.. which actually turned out to be a great excuse to decline further drinking. However, someone asked the waitress if they had anything special for birthdays and when she knew I was 21, she said she would give us a glass of beer and a glass on the house.

The beer was surprisingly nice. Smooth and sweet. Though before she gave it to me, she actually asked me to show her my ID and I showed her my Malaysian IC. And if you notice, our Malaysian IC does not show our birthday. The only thing that they show is the IC number and that is how you know the person's birthday. Like mine is 870301-##-####. Malaysians would know it in a second but this waitress was staring at it for the longest time and I was wondering why she had a hard time reading it.

Then I realized it. So i just pointed towards the numbers, and told her, "so you just read from here, 87, March, 1st". She nodded her head and left.

Only after that did I realized that it was totally funny that she actually believed me. I could have crap out anything to explain the numbers on my ID. One of my friends actually took out her own Puerto Rican ID and tried to crap something out of her numbers.

I totally forgot I could have used my new Californian driving license.

Ah well.. ahaha..

The food was okay but the beer was really surprisingly nice.

After I came back into my room, I had another surprise waiting for me..

Somebody decorated my bathroom!!!

And didn't want me to shower..

I love them!

Most heart warming birthday ever!!! Thank you so much guys!


Susu Kacang said...

happy 21st birthday! it's always nice to have friends to celebrate with you. 12.40am is still not late because 2008 is a leap year. yeah, there are lots of nice places to eat in LA, unlike down here. if you get into trouble on the road, i think you can tell the officer you are a tourist and show your Malaysia driving license instead. my friend did that once.

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. thank you! =) Yeah.. I shall do that!!! I'll always be a Malaysia tourist no matter how long I stay here! Hehe.. How do you know there are a lot of places in LA? Have you been here?