Saturday, February 23, 2008

Burning the Midnight Oil..

I know I shouldn't complain so much and I HAVE been complaining a lot lately but... Argh...!!! Studies are getting harder and harder by the day! Its just the fourth week of the semester and I'm already almost drowning!!! Boohooooo...

I'm 5 classes behind on my readings for my human rights class, which is around 50 pages a class, 2 quizzes on Tuesday which I have no idea what is it about at all, and a 70 page reading on Japan and China culture due Tuesday too. And with a class of 20 people, you can't escape not reading because you wont be joining in the conversation. What would happen, you ask. Well.. the professor will know you did not read the readings and give you a low participation grade at the end of the semester thus affecting your overall grade!

Ok.. I have to stop complaining. I can do this!!! I will SURVIVE!!!! Woooo!!!

I just need to get not one but multiple espresso machines first!

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