Friday, January 11, 2008

Going around in US!

Since I came to the States, I have told myself that I wanna go to as many states as possible in my this 4 years of studying here and so far, I have had one Winter Break holiday and I have went to San Francisco!!! I´m so happy and I totally love that city! Next I wanna go New York and Chicago. I mean those are the popular states right? Does any of u guys know any other places that are interesting?

I live in Orange County, California and since I was small I have heard so much about Beverly Hills and Las Vegas! Though I did go to Beverly Hills and see all those pretty houses I have never been to Las Vegas at alL! I heard that is a super exciting city! Does any of you know of any cheap and nice Las Vegas hotel to stay in? My spring break is coming in March and I wanna go!!!

Oooh.. Travelling around is fun! Being in college is fuN!!!

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