Thursday, May 03, 2007

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The internet is such a big and huge platform for many things! I have just discovered the magic of blogging and I can really tell you that there is still so much for me to know! I would like to have my own domain one day but there are so many things to learn and to find out.

And blogging is just the tip of an ice-berg! We have message boards, forums, vlogs, podcast, videos.. the list goes on and on and on. There is still so much to discover and learn!

Social media is definitely one of them. I have learn so much merely browsing and blog hopping! And I'm just a little ant in this whole planet! This goes to show how vast our internet world is! You can advertise anything you want!

Got something to share? Use the internet!

Got something to advertise? Use the internet!

Got some product to recommend? Use the internet!

According to this new marketing blog, the power of the social media is ready for everyone to use. But how do we use it to our maximum potential?

One of the things that are mention there is to gain trust of the audience, that one must be transparent and offer disclosure when necessary. I didn't really agree on that in the beginning of my blogging journey but now I'm totally with it. If your readers trust you, they will believe what you write and in turn benefit from it. And I totally agree on that. I believe that my readers have a right to know when my post are being sponsored. That way they can trust that watever I write is true. If I know I'm gonna lean towards a particular product, I'll state it in the beginning of the post. So when I'm really telling the truth, you'll know it.

This blog is quite interesting for a light read on social media and SEO. Go check it out and give it a chance! =)

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