Monday, March 05, 2007

Sleep Deprived

Oh dear.. Ever since starting this PayPerPost thingy guess what time do I sleep every single night?

Don't wanna let you guess. I know you guys sure lazy to guess wan. My normal bedtime is around 3 am every night now.

And guess what time I wake up?

Haha.. I know I would evoke lots of envy from people around the world when I say this but.. Yeah.. I wake up at 1 pm the next day.

That's half the day gone I know. I'm a pig? Yeah. I know that too..

Its just when you sleep this late, somehow no matter wat time you get up, it will never be enough. Your body just doesn't have sufficient rest for the day. I know its bad but..

I have to earn money. Boohooo.. Opps only start coming out at 12 midnight. When the other side of the world starts getting up. Unfair right?

I never use to sleep this late before. The most days that I would sleep this late would be like 1 or 2 days max, then I would fall sick. But this trend has been going on for like 3 weeks already. Even before Chinese New Year. And I can't seem to stop the trend.

Everytime I tell myself I would go to sleep in a while, I would start blogging, and before I know it three hours have passed! Its crazy!

And you know what is the most terrible part of this?


They're everywhere!!! I dunno why they only come out in the middle of the night but they just love bitting me! Every single part of my leg. I would have like 6 to 7 bites by the time I go to bed! My computer is in the family room and the mosquitoes are in abundance there! I dunno where they come from. Every door and window in my house is closed but they still come! Argh!!! I HATE THEM! Stupid mosquitoes!

I tried telling myself that I shall try and sleep early. But if I do then how am I gonna earn money and pay for my university tuition fees?

Ah.. Dilemma! =(


Keshi said...

Im a hopeless insomniac Princesss.


Menchie said...

i lose track of the time too when i blog. so, have you earned a lot already from the pay per post?

-Princess Shin- said...

Really? Haha.. we both gonna be big eyed panda soon.

Take care ya. Try not to sleep so late! =)

Hehe.. around $300. But yeah.. time passed so fast when I blog. Esp at night! Crazy!

freethinker said...

My God.... MONEY....must join in the crowd...too bad my blog isn't 90 days yet...darn

zewt said...

i have been sleep deprived since i started blogging... i dunno what will happen if i engaged in pay per post... sure die.