Friday, March 23, 2007


I'm absolutely a terrible compulsive shopper. Other than being obsessive with clothes, I tend to have some kind of obsession on something where by I buy and buy and buy non-stop until the particular obsession wears off!

It's kinda seasonal obsession whereby it comes and goes but the time is not always the same. When I was in high school, around the age of 16 and 17, my obsession was with CDs! I would buy one every single time I went out! It got so bad until I bought like 1 CD per week! And mind you I'm a student, so spending RM 40 (USD $14) on a CD per week is no easy task! It totally burnt a whole in my pocket.

Right now I have like over 70 over CDs in my room. They are indeed my precious collection, my treasures but I have no idea how to bring them over when I go over to US to study!

My precious CD collection!

And the thing with this obsession is I only listen to the particular CD when I first bought it. After that I just don't listen to them at all. they're precious of coz but they are just there for me to admire. Weird right?

When I finish high school and esp when I just finished getting my chicken pox, my obsession was make-up. I was obsesses in going over magazines, seeing which brand has the best product, going over to the make-up counter asking to try this and that though I have tried it god knows how many times, and spending over hundreds over ringgit in buying all these stuff!!!

And I'm totally a branded person. I rather not use anything than use some over the counter make-up so of coz this obsession totally burnt a hole in my pocket again. And I'm totally not a make-up gal. I was so obsesses about it in the first place was because I got chicky scars all over my face, and my ex-high school galfriend just got back from Australia and she was all made-up! So kinda made me feel.. you know..

Not so confident!

Unfortunately, after spending so much money on make-up, buying foundation, lip gloss, (I assumed you guys can't differentiate them at alL!) blusher.. bla bla and bla.. I don't use a single one of them now! My scars on my face are slowly disappearing and I don't wanna wear make-up now! It feels so hot and bluek!!! Don't like.

So one obsession down the drain agaiN!

Now.. my obsession is with books!!! Yeah.. of all time right? I buy so many books where am I gonna put them? My family is migrating to Vietnam soon and I'm just adding to their rubbish! I can't very well bring them to my university when I get there..

Can I?

I'm buying 2 to 3 books a week and I'm reading like 1 book 2 weeks! Don't ya think it's a waste of money?

Sigh.. told u it's my obsession!

Do you have an obsession?


A Girl said...

Make up is fun! Use the right ones and you wont feel like you're wearing any!

zewt said...

being obsessed is no good. one can be passionate... but not too overly obsessive.

Menchie said...

Oh don't get me started on books. I buy and buy and buy like there's no tomorrow. and shoes. and my current obsession, Gerard Butler.

-Princess Shin- said...

a girl,
Make up is indeed fun but somehow you'll always feel like something is there! Wat brand do you use?

Yes! Passionate! I shall be passionate about books! Hehe.. Wrong usage of words!

Who is Gerard Butler anywaY?