Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Ok.. I'm gonna try again. For those that don't frequent my blog, I just wrote a super long post on Music and lyrics and when I was about to publish it, my firefox hang! Hang gei!!! And poof! All my post gone. DOwn the drain! >.< But I'm sure you guys have no interest on that. You guys wanna know what I think about Music and Lyrics right? Well..


Yup.. its that good. Its that kinda show where when you leave the cinema, you have this warm and fuzzy feeling all over you. And you'll keep playing all your favourite parts over and over in your mind and have this silly smile on your face all day.

Its that good.

Even after a week I still think about the show. Its such a sweet romantic show.

And not only coz I'm a gal and generally girls love romance show, I have received multiple raving reviews from even guys saying how good the show is. Whether they're true macho guys is another different story but.. =P Joking!

Ok.. I have to stop promoting this show. Lets get down to business.

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) plays a used-to-be-famous-80's popstar who's having trouble finding jobs due to the fact that he's famous no more. He then meets a Christina Aguilera wannabe Cora Corman (Halley Bennett) who's even more famous that Christina herself and she wants him to record a song together. Unfortunately Alex can't write good lyrics anymore. In comes Sophie (Drew Barrymore) who's a natural born lyricist and both of them form a team in producing the best song ever. In which obviously things start to sizzle and romance fills the air.

Watch the show if you wanna know the ending.

Do make sure you're not late for the movie coz the front part is absolutely hilarious! What I love about this show is other than the sweet romance that fills the air, there's also the hidden jokes inside almost every conversation that is exchange between Alex and Sophie.

Growing up in Malaysia has made me form a habit in which I read the Malay subtitles in every show. Even if I can very well understand the show. But I realized that I can't do that while watching this show coz first off somehow something will be lost in translation. And the fact that the cast in this show speaks super fast doesn't help either. So pay attention to the conversation and you'll sure to find plenty of jokes.

And Hugh Grant's accent is ever so sexY!!!

Oooh... Drew Barrymore is cute as ever. Playing the sweet-girl-next-door that everyone loves.

Check out Haley Bennett too. I reckon she's gonna be the up and coming star! Watch her move her sexy body on the dance floor.

Their theme song, Way Back Into Love is fantastic. It just keeps playing and playing in my mind even after the credits finished rolling like 2 weeks ago.

If you're that kind that is into music and bands. This show will let you in a little bit on how songs are made. And how important lyrics are.

So yeah.. this show is definitely worth watching.


Menchie said...

I found the opening video in the movie really really funny!

-Princess Shin- said...

haha.. I know! I couldn't stop laughing. But the funny thing is the other people in the cinema didn't seem to think that way.

I was the only one laughing. Weird.

SeXiEsT PeRsOn AlIvE said...

Excuse me Princess Shin.. are u sure you are the only one laughing??You had me laughing with you... u are weird.. how can u miss a good friend like me?? and who should u thank?? ofcourse me.. u wanted to watch some other show.. and it seems to me u really enjoyed urself.. i enjoyed myself too.. So when are u going to ask me out again?? Give me a call baby, we can go out for another date.. ooppss. don`t want to get myself into trouble.. let`s just say another outing.. hehehe :P