Thursday, March 15, 2007

Humor/Funny Site Blogging

Everyone needs a bit of humor in their life sometimes. When things start to get rough, when your boss starts to ask for the most impossible task, or when your partner start being cold or unreasonable or when your mum start screaming at you for no reason, (kinda like me) you know you're in need of some serious humor.

That's why humor blogs are so popular.

And Calvin and Hobbes comics. Oooh.. I do love them.

Its not easy finding a place where they have a huge storage of jokes and Funny Stuff.

Just found out that has some really interesting funny stuff and pictures.

They have funny sites, funny jokes, and funny pictures. Which I like the most.

So go ahead and have some laughter in your life. It doesn't hurt to brighten up your day.

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