Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King

Oooh.. this is my first book review.

I'm not a big fan of Stephen King books. I have definitely heard of him of course. Who wouldn't?

But up until recently I have not touch a single book of his. Why? Because I'm afraid of being afraid. Cody is quite a big fan of Stephen King and he's always telling me his stories. And its scary. =(

The first book I picked up was Insomnia and that was during my high school days. After reading a quarter of the book, I couldn't go on anymore. It wasn't like gory or terrifying but it was more like a psychological thriller. Its scary in a way that makes you think it may happen. Coz its so real and true.

Not some green monster or something.

Cody was the one that introduce me to this book. He told me that this was one book of Stephen King that wasn't scary and I took him out for it. And I was quite impressed.

Hearts in Atlantis consists of multiple short stories which shows how the different characters are linked to each other. How the characters developed in different events and different time and how somehow they're all connected to each other.

And though some parts may seem far-fetch but somehow it gives you the feeling that it may be possible. Anything in possible in this world. Somethings are just to difficult to explain. But it just may be possible.

The story starts with an 11 year old boy, Bobby Garfield and how he discovers the world of 'aliens' by being friends with an old man, Ted. Here the story shows how an innocent boy slowly grows up to be a man and shedding all his innocence at the same time.

The second story however revolves around a group of college boys and how addicted they become to a game of 'hearts'. And slowly how their lives starts to crumble when their addiction becomes serious.

The first 2 stories were very interesting and it really got me hooked. But after that the story sort of got draggie and pointless. I have to admit I even skip a few pages.

I used approximately 5 months to finish this book. I don't normally read this slow. After reading the first 3 stories, I just stopped. But I can't give up on a book! Right? So I took it up again this morning and I was pleasantly surprised.

The ending of the story is really meaningful and special. It is put in a way that may sound absurd but like I said, nothing in this world is impossible right? Go read it if you wanna know what I mean.

A good read if you ask me. Other than a few boring parts. A good book provokes some thought in you and this definitely does.

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try Dark Tower