Thursday, March 01, 2007

Forever 21 can be for Guys too!!!

I absolutely love Forever 21. Ever since it came to Malaysia last year I have bought god knows how many tops from there.

The prices there are quite reasonable too. I'm not saying their super cheap. Like RM 20 or RM 30 a piece. But their clothes are really not bad. The prices of their tops ranges from RM 49 - RM 89! Depends on what you like. I like their graphic tees the best!

I went and scout around for the official website of Forever 21 and found that the prices over in the States are cheaper compared to Malaysia. After converting I mean. Generally their clothes are around 15 dollars each. And that's like one of the most expensive tops. Converting it back to Malaysian riggit will just be around RM 55! But the tops in Malaysia is around RM 79 to RM89.

Sigh.. Exchange rate and stuff! So expensive now.

One more thing though.. I love Forever 21 and all but whenever I go in my boyfriend would complain about it coz there's no guy clothes for him to see.

I always wondered why a major brand like Forever 21 doesn't have men's wear? Topshop has men's wear. Zara has men's wear. What about Forever 21?

I just found out they do have men's wear!

Like this Cody?

I know you don't like brown. But I think this is quite nice.

Your favourite stripe shirt in pink!

Rock star looK?

I don't really know what this looks like.

Not my fault Malaysia don't have men's wear. So stop complaining okay? Hehe..

I used to think I was young to be shopping in Forever 21. But now I'm getting closer by the day! BOOHOOOO!!!

They should pay me for doing this post. Wahaha.. =)


lingghezhi said...

life is so unfair.. :/

-Princess Shin- said...

I gather you must be a guy then! hahah.. Don't worry.. I'm sure it will come to our shores one day. Just not sure when! haha..

Thanks for dropping bY!

Haute Concept said...

I was so glad to hear that they had men's wear. It is really inexpensive and the range is good (in New York).
They do a good job of keeping up with the latest trends.