Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars is Here!!!

Its that time of the year again. That time where all the major Hollywood stars dress up in the most expensive gowns available. Designed by the current designer of the year and puff up by the most popular make-up artist using the most expensive make-up.

Ah... the life of the rich and famous.

Don't you wish you were like them? Just for one day?

In another 7 hours time they will all be gathered at the Kodak Theater for the 79th Academy Awards.

Who will walk home with the small statue?

I always wondered whether the winner of the Golden Globes will also with the Academy Awards?

I guess Hellen Mirren will win the Award for Actress in the Leading Role for her portrayal as the Queen. They have to award her right? Its The Queen we're talking about.

Don't really know who she is though to tell the truth..

I don't think Abigail Breslin will win the Award for Supporting Actress. Though I like her but somehow I don't think she'll win. Maybe I'm wrong. It'll be interesting though if she wins. A young girl taking home the human statue.

I hope Little Miss Sunshine wins the Award for Best Picture. Though I haven't watch it yet I know it'll make your heart warm after watching it. I think The Departed will win though. Still prefer the Cantonese version. Hehe...

Judging by the time I'm gonna sleep, I don't think I'll be able to catch it later. Guess I have to check the internet again for the results.

The awards show is always so lengthy. I wonder if anyone ever sat down and watch the whole show. Other than the stars themselves though. That's coz they have wine to drink. And of coz the statue to win too...

Good luck to them!

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