Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To the future..

Anyone knows how the future will be like? Will there be cars flying around like we always watch in movies... or will they be robots serving us from head to toe?

Let’s not talk about 10 or 20 years in the future. What about the not so distance future? I'm talking about us. Will we be the person that we hope we would be? Will our dreams and desires be achieved then? The dreams that we dream today, will it be materialized in the not so distant future? When we see our future selves, will be like what we see? Or will we turn into somebody that we hate now?

Do you ever think about these questions?

I went to an exchange training meet recently with a group of students organized by Soka Gakkai Malaysia. The objective of this training was to encourage the youth today of the importance of higher learning education. And at the end of the 2 day training, the leaders gave us a piece of white A4 paper and ask us to write our resolutions in 5 years time. What we want to achieve in this 5 years. Then, 5 years later, each and every piece of paper will be mailed back to us. It was to remind us, did we achieve everything that we set ourselves? Or did we forget the promises that we made to ourselves.

I really felt the profound meaning of this. Here we are actually writing to the future us. What if at that moment the future you is having some sort of big problem and is contemplating to give up life? What can you write at this moment to encourage the future you to never give up hope? To remind the future you how vibrant, how full of hope you are right now and never forget that feeling?

Am I confusing you? I think I am...


My point is, can you ensure that you turned out the person that you always wish you would be? Moral and integrity wise. Or will you be somebody you hate?

Can you remind the future you how courageous and compassionate you were?

To remind the future you to continue to chase whatever dreams that you made then? To never give up?

I stumbled upon a site, FutureMe.org, you write an e-mail to the future you and they will sent it to you at any date in the future. Minimum one year from now.

Now... What will you write?

I really think this site is very interesting. I just hope that when the time comes for my e-mail to be sent back to me, the site is still working! =)


Anonymous said...

the future huh .. i imagine year 2000 there r flying cars but non yet. btw how's the chicken pox. i was trying to leave a comment for few days already but internet jammed!

regarding your question on Paypal, u will only need a credit card (or a debit card to be verified). if u have any more question, just email me ok. and dont forget to register under me for payperpost he..he.he..

Anonymous said...

I can't remind the future of a compassion I don't currently have. :)


Keshi said...

My future is my present. Cos I can never go to tomorrow...I can only have today.

**can you ensure that you turned out the person that you always wish you would be?

yes u can. If u think of ur future as ur today. Cos u can only be what u wanna be right now!


Anonymous said...

I can say that my future is not so different from what I thought I wanted at age 18. Back then, I never thought of specifics. But looking back, I realize that I have achieved everything I set out to do: finished my MBA, got a good job, travelled, met a man a love and respect and have beautiful kids.

As for future technology, have you seen the new Apple Iphone? I want one!

tulipspeaks said...

this is cool site.. i mean write sumthing to be mailed back to me..now, i'm starting to think wht to write...

oh yea, like u said hopefully the site is still working! :P


merapuman said...

you can find it at my profile la. here merapuman[at]gmail.com

-Princess Shin- said...

internet nowadays are terrible! >.< Thanks anyway.. my chicken pox are fine! They thank you! =) Not sure when i can get out of the house though..

thanks. but how do they pay you? hmm..

steven novak,
that's just too bad then! =)

but its good to have dreams and goals. right? But i agree on you with today is important.

you can worry all you want about your past, and plan all you want for your future but most importantly is your present!

haha.. i think apple products are just nice stuff to look at. They're way to expensive. However, it never hurts to dream of having one! Hehe..

cool right? hehe.. i have yet to sent an e-mail though.. not sure what to write!

hehe.. thanks!