Saturday, December 02, 2006

Vietnam pictures!!!

Yahoo.. finally!!! I brought my camera cable to Vietnam but the computer couldn't detect it. It needed some kind of driver or something. Thanks to the wonder of internet i can upload photos now! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Wahaha... =)

I don't really know the names of these places. I know... i'm at terrible tour guide.. but hehe.. better than nothing right?

Think this is the church!

Opera House

Shall go and find out!

After so many days of staying in the hotel, (my mom, brother and I were juz too lazy to go out.. we came to Vietnam too many times di.. Rather stay in the cool comfortable room... Terrible right?) we finally went to town for sight-seeing and souvenir shopping!!! It's quite sad actually, u see so many nice stuff, and u buy them, but it's not for yourself! Sad case!

We went to the ever famous Ben Tanh Market! Big big but hot market!!!


Colourful Vietnamese Figurines!

Jewelry Box! They really have very nice design! Make from egg shell.. I think!

Very nice pictures.

And for food, i'm not gonna post any Vietnamese FOod juz yet.. rarely eat any to tell u the truth. Last night however, my dad brought us to this American Diner! We don't even have a diner in malaysia and it was really interesting! New York DIner! Somewhere in district 1! The owner is from California and he married a Vietnamese wife. He decorated the diner with a sort of 50's feel with a touch of Elvis Presley. So before you get into the place, you'll be greeted by a Elvis Presley lookalike! With hair, and outfit!

No wonder there was a 'gay' guy outside opening the door for us.. i was wondering who he was.. =)

Nice touch!

The owner! Hehe.. Serious!

I think the owner had more fun than anyone of us put together. When we were halfway eating, he took out a microphone and started singing karaoke for all of us. Well.. He's voice wasn't half bad but hehe... It's his shop!

King Kong burger!

My brother had a hard time finishin it. Even after my dad's help, they still couldn't finish it!

The food wasn't half bad. It was quite good actually!

And for those that keep wondering wat i eat for breakfast everyday... well... something u can never find in Malaysian's hotel!

Yummy fried bacon!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that you always take pictures of the food. Great shots.

Merv Kwok said...

Wow... The church is nice! I like!

-Princess Shin- said...

janet a.k.a "wonder mom"
Really? Hehe.. I'm learning now! Not easy! =)

Merv Kwok,
Really? Come here for holiday someday.. you wouldn't guess that they have such thing in Vietnam right?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'd love to go there.

Cergie said...

Is the church the Saïgon cathedral ?
I was baptised in the cathedral