Sunday, December 03, 2006

Vietnam pictures 2!!!

We went to Ben Tanh market again this afternoon. The place is really quite fun to visit. There's everything under the sun over there.. Unfortunately the people over there... Well..

My mum bought a box of chopsticks yesterday. A box of 10 pairs. We didn't check when we bought it. But when we got back to the hotel, my mother found out that there were 2 pairs that were defected. The chopsticks were kinda broken. So we went back again this afternoon. Went back to the same shop and told the sales lady tat we wanted to change it.

Well.. wasn't sure whether she understood wat we were trying to tell her anot but she totally denied that we bought the chopsticks from her shop. Kept saying that there is a lot of shops in this place and she didn't sell it to us. She was really adamant about it even though we tried our very best to reason with her. No means no. No changing. And we didn't ask for receipt yesterday. And we couldn't speak their language so.. result..

My mum angrily threw the chopsticks away!

Lesson: Ask for receipt no matter what and CHECK ur goods!!! =(

Took more pictures by the way!

They're all doing pedicures! Amazing!

The famous french bread!

French bread is really popular in Vietnam. You can see people selling them by the side of the streets all the time. Especially a few years back. Somehow, I rarely see it nowadays. Wonder why... This is considered quite short already. I have seen really long ones! hehe..

Vietnamese dolls! Great for souvenirs! =)

Vietnam is also famous for it's pictures. Especially embroidery kind. It's really beautiful I took some pictures of the gal really sewing it unfortunately i wasn't allowed to take the real pictures. Its really beautiful! =)

One by one... See how big the picture is!

Amazing right?

See how detailed it is!

They can literally sew any kinds of pictures. Scenery, art, portrait. Wow...

Saw this outside a shop! I wanted to buy it but it was expensive! US40! =(

Is it nice? I can still go back there and buy.. But.. worth it anot? >.< style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer;" src="" alt="" border="0">

First dish was the spring rolls. My mum's all time favorite dish! Its Vietnam's signature dish too!

By the time I manage to take out my camera and shoot, there was only 3 spring rolls left!

3 different sauce for u to dip in!

Beef in lemongrass! Signature dish too.. taste a tiny winny weird. Serai ma..

There's scallops inside!

Notice the cow? It's made from carrot. According to my dad, they usually recycle it. Unfortunately my brother twisted the ear... So I guess they will have to carve another wan.. poor thing! Hehe..

They even had performances!

See their tradisional outfits? It's called the Aou Ya! =)

Next we had steamboat. Personally prepared for us!

Something like tom yam but taste a bit differently!

Dun sleep in ur job! =) Hehe..

One by one.. for all 4 of us!!!

End result!

It was not bad actually. Just a tinny winny bit spicy. I like the noodles. Soft and smooth. And thin! Nice..

On another note...

Saw these 2 kids by the side of the market this afternoon. They were just sitting by the side of the road eating their rice. The girl was smiling so sweetly when she saw me taking pictures. I feel so bad for them.. Wish them all the best!


Frannie Farmer said...

Hey there .. thanks for stopping by my blog :)
I was going to say how beautiful the Vietnamese dolls were .. and then I read the rest and realized that it is ALL beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hello - I love the cow - can't imagine having the skill to create something like that!

The pictures are great - and all the food's making me hungry!!

Keshi said...

wow some really great pics there!

Yep always get a recepit..cos u never know what kind of salesmen/women ur dealing with.

**I wanted to buy it but it was expensive! US40

WOW I REALLY LOVE THAT BLACK TOP! I like that oriental chinese neck-line. Sexy!

The last pic with 2 kids is an amazing really warmed my heart. TY!


Anonymous said...

nice post .. and very interesting. is halal food available? easy to find?

Anonymous said...

Hi PrincessShin!
I'm very glad that I'm visiting your wonderful pink blog. I know nothing about Vietnam. Your posts, pictures are sooo beautiful and good writen. Thanks a lot.
All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

The embroidery is really beautiful! I'd love to cross stitch it but nowadays, I never have the time!

-Princess Shin- said...

frannie farmer,
Really? Then you should come visit Vietnam someday! =) Hope to see u again soon!

I know.. the cow is amazing right? Glad you like my pictures! =)

U really think the black top is nice? I wanna have the black top! =( Dunno whether i have the time to revisit the place or not! Boohoo.. Thanks for dropping by!

i thought about that too.. halal food i mean. Up until now i still havent found any halal place yet though..

thanks. i'm always thrilled to receive compliments esp from a fellow blogger! Hope to see u again soon. =)

I like cross-stitch too but i juz can't seem to find nice designs. And they're so expensive! =(

His suzy said...

Those embroidered pictures are amazing! I can't imagine the time and patience it takes to do something like that.

-Princess Shin- said...

his suzy,
yeah.. i know.. it's amazing right? and it's not even cross-stitch!

Thanks for dropping by! =)

Keshi said...

I think it's REALLY SEXY! Its my style. I dunno abt u tho. But I'd get it :)


Cergie said...

Beautiful and interesting post
These two sitted kids are so cute
The dresses, the dishes, all is si colorful
The Vietnamese bread is exactly the same than the French one
In the past, Vietnam was French

-Princess Shin- said...

Shh.. i got it already! =) Wahaha..

glad you liked it! =) I enjoyed taking photos to show u guys too..

Keshi said...

LOL good on ya! Now show us pics with u wearing it :)


-Princess Shin- said...

haha... shy.. =)

Keshi said...

ok then :):)


Cergie said...

Hello ! You changed your look once again, it's the opportunity for me to say once again that I like this yellow dress and also these blue and white dishes
Thank you for coming on my blog that night
I'll answer on it however, before I'll tell you what I'll say

In California, I have a cousin who is French, she met her husband who is American when he was her teacher in the past at the US university
Her son is both, French and American and now he will get married with a Chinese young girl who went in America for learning and they are both teaching in Berkeley now.

I find all of that so amazing