Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Scary Experience..

Introducing Mr.Thunder and Miss Lightning!

One of the downfalls of living in a tropical country is you get thunder and lightning all year round. Especially now that it's the raining season, (I think it is... is it) it's even worst.

I always thought I was a big brave gal... heck! I'm 19 years old now! Hehe... but oh goodness... My parents left me alone in the house just now at around 5pm coz my dad wanted to go to the gym and I was too tired to follow them... kids in the Kindergarden are a HANDFULL!!! Anyway... I fell asleep at 5 pm and woke up at around 7pm! It was raining a bit outside then and Mr.Thunder and Miss Lightning were just getting ready to come out and play!

For some reason, my family has always had this 'curse' with houses. Wherever we move to, be it in Sabah or over in Selangor now, the houses that we stayed in always seems to be super frightened of Mr.Thunder and Miss lightning! To the point that they will suddenly blank out and cease to function. It can be pretty irritating at times especially when u look out of the window and all the houses in the neighborhood will be working perfectly fine! But well I guess you can say it's better than power cut! So all we have to do is go to the electrical box, (is that wat you call it?) and turn the main power on again. I believe this is what u call a 'trip'! Is it? Argh... I’m pretty terrible at this.

Anyway, as I was saying, I woke up and quickly went to take a bath. Praying hard that it wont suddenly blank out when I’m stark naked in the bathroom! Imagine! It will be a remake or the Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho! Goodness..!!! Well, lucky for me everything turn out all right!

Then I went down to cook myself a bowl of instant noodles! That's when the adventure began! I on the fire and suddenly Boom!!! The lights went off! The house became pitch black! Ah! Scary! I quickly took a chair, climb up, open the 'electrical box' and started to touch my way around all the switches!

The 'Box'

I now know how a blind man feels! A bit at least! Felt the odd wan out and push it up! Yeah! Brightness!!! =) I quickly went upstairs to get myself torchlight just in case!

Continued to cook my noodles! By the Mr.Thunder and Miss lightning were really having a blast. Literally. Blasting here! Blasting there! Naughty! Halfway thru boiling the water, terror strike again. Now I didn't dare to on the switch again for fear that the house will suddenly blow up! Luckily I had my torchlight with me! But it had the tiniest beam of light! Argh... I stood there in the kitchen not knowing wat to do. Then, I really started to feel terrified. I kept imagining that something or someone will suddenly grab my shoulders or something! To make matters worst, my handphone had no line so I couldn't call anyone to keep me company! I kept shining my pathetic torchlight all around me sort of to scare anyone that will come near me! >.<>

See them playing?

Luckily Mr.Thunder and Miss lightning had to go for dinner, so they sorta stop after I dunno, 2 minutes? So I quickly went to the 'box' and push up the switch!

Inside the secret 'box'!

The red one is my saviour! Now they're all happily UP! =)

Oh... the picture of my house lighting up never gave me so much relieve before in my life! And here I thought I was a big brave gal.

Dun tell anyone this ok? Shh..


Anonymous said...

Great post. I love the pictures.

I think you did well on your tests too. Congratulations!...Obviously, the writing part can be subjective. It all depends on who's reading.

(I grade reading/writing tests in 4th grade)

Anonymous said...

the pictures are great.

Matt said...

awesome lightening photographs!

Anonymous said...

What an electrifying post, Princess! Don't be scared anymore. ;p

-Princess Shin- said...

Janet a.k.a 'wonder mom'
Thanks! Nice to have u here! =)

i did well on my test? haha. duno.. thanks anyway! take care!

Hey.. thanks for dropping by! =)

Really? hehe.. thanks for dropping by!

Electrifying post? did i electricute you? =) i'll try to not be scared! >.<

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


-Princess Shin- said...

=) hehe..wat u smilling at?

EA Cheng said...

Whether you believe it or not, I scream every time the lightning struck up close... *shy*