Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Place

Another friend just moved into our new town!!! I can't believe I have been living here for over two years now and since then.. I have welcomed and settled in three different people and sent away two after they completed their studies.

Ah.. its so hard to say goodbye sometimes but I guess that's part of life huh.

Brought A to his new apartment today. It was a really simple place. The landlord lives downstairs on the first floor and he rents the second floor to university students. Pretty cool actually. A is lucky to have a good landlord. The room is nice and clean too. Not much furniture but the bare essentials are there. A bed and a desk with chair. The kitchen is kinda fully equipped too though A had to go to Walmart to get a microwave for $39. Haha.. We told him he could get it on craiglist for $15 but he rather get a new one. Ah well..

kitchen sinks at

I mean none of the stuff were new. Its obvious that many people has lived in that place. The sinks were kinda old too and they had two different faucet with cold and hot water coming out from each side. I seriously don't know how those sinks work. Its weird. You will literally burn your hand from using the hot faucet and freeze your hand when you use the cold one during winter. Weird.

But yeah.. Welcome A!

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