Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I'm watching reruns on Charmed again. =) Or more like I'm finally catching up on Season 8 of Charmed. Ah *guilty pleasures* Everyone has one (or more) right? At least I hope so. Others might be watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.. Honey Boo Boo though I never understood how people could watch that. Did you see the latest VMS video by Miley Cyrus? Everyone is talking about it so much that it makes me not want to talk about it. Ah the entertainment world is full of surprises aren't they. I guess people just don't realize the hard work put behind it - the lighting.. the mixer - mackie profx12 at musician's friend - the microphone.. the dancers.. costumes... I keep imagining that I'm sure lots of people has seen Miley's rehearsal, sound check etc etc. Didn't anyone say anything??? Its weird.

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