Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer is coming!!!! I mean I'm not sure if its a good thing because summer here gets unbearably hot but still.. I think its a little better than having mountains of snow outside your door.

Love spring though since the temperature is a nice middle between crazily hot and crazily cold. I wish spring would last a little longer. One thing for sure is that the sun is shining more brightly than usual. Like that's possible I know. But my mum actually said the other day that she was surprise there is sun during the winter months. I was like.. "Huh?" You actually think that there is no sun during winter months? Then where does the sun go? Makes no sense. Hahah..

Time to get out your sunglasses and hang out on the beach. Or take photos of pretty flowers! Time for some eye save!

Yes? Let's go!

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