Sunday, April 14, 2013

Living Your Dream

There's this Korean restaurant near my place. Its not really good but since its the only Korean restaurant in town, it kinda monopolizes everything. So one doesn't really have any choice but to go there. The food is not bad actually, its just the service that is horrible. Maybe that's why they provide horrible service because they know that no matter how terrible they are, people will still come because they're the only one.

One thing that is pretty interesting is that the husband of the restaurant performs once in a while in the evenings. He's not very good but he does have his own little stage equip with speakers, m audio fast track pro, mike, amps, pedals and everything. I think its a way for him to "live" his dream while still making sure he earns money through his restaurant.

They're really an interesting couple without a doubt. Haha..

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