Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scary Pool

Do you know how small small little things still scare you even though you're an adult now? Its funny now that I think about it but the smallest things still sometimes scare the s*** out of me! Sometimes its the weirdest things too!

I remember the last time I felt scared was when I was on a vacation with my family and we were staying in this old hotel. They had a pool and because I love swimming, I went up to their outdoor pool to take a swim. The pool wasn't the cleanest of all but it was fine. I really missed swimming. It was getting dark and there wasn't anyone around. It was one of those pools that were weirdly shaped and not really meant for laps so its hard to swim in a straight line. As I started swimming, I noticed that I really couldn't see anything inside because the water was so murky. It was late evening and it was getting dark. Even though there were jandy led pool lights around, it didn't really help. If anything, it made the situation a little worst because it just gave an eerie feel to the whole place.

I tried swimming a couple of laps, trying to be as brave as I can. But there was one lap when I actually felt that there was something behind or in front of me that I just had to get out as soon as I can. And I did.

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