Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Goldman Sachs recently laid off about 30% of its senior partners. That's a lot of people. A couple of hundred? I think an article even said they have laid off about 2400 last year. That's scary thought. All those people who suddenly came back with no jobs and still having a family to support. And in this economy, its certainly not going to be easy to find a job. Students graduating this year.. yeah. Good luck. I'm graduating next year. Good luck to me!

People are trying to find ways to earn money, whether it is through fixed annuity or annuities. Who knows how trustable these systems are? I mean the market is volatile as it is and no one can really predict how it'll react tomorrow, next week, or even the near future.

I mean its always good to take some risk because you won't be able to go anywhere without taking any action but I think the most important thing is to be informed whatever decisions you decide to take. That's the most important.

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