Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Never Ending Broken Song

One of the most annoying things about living in a small apartment is how thin the walls can be sometimes. I'm not even talking about those noises that we really would rather not hear in the middle of the nights when the upstairs neighbors are having some extra-curricular activities. I'm talking about little children, or sometimes even adults, practicing their music.

I mean.. Its already tough enough to have to be forced to listen to your neighbor's music which you do not appreciate at all, imagine having to listen to a child practicing violin for the first time. Oh goodness.. Even if its the child is playing the best instrument around - first-class recorders. Its still painful.

Don't you agree?

I know I know I'm sounding really insensitive right now and I apologize. I myself play the piano (or played) and I know how much my neighbors had to go through listening to me practicing my scales and my horrible playing, which in the beginning of a new song, generally consists of hundreds and thousands of stops - never a fully played song.

So to all of you who are trying to be wonderful musicians, please try and practice your music in a reasonable hour and for those that actually had to bear with my playing, I sincerely apologize. =)

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Reggie said...

Every morning at around 6:15am my neighbor farts really loud. If I don't get up at 5:30am when the alarm goes off, I know I'm still good if I hear him fart. Then I know it's past time to get up.