Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who do you look at?

In a band you need a bass player (generally), a drummist, a lead guitarist, and a lead vocalist. You need really good music instruments like the sennheiser because the music itself is the most important.

I mean ideally that is. Weirdly enough though, or maybe the proper word is sadly enough, nobody really pays attention to anyone except the lead vocalist.

I mean do you remember any of the members in Maroon 5 except the lead vocalist? Though I guess as a band, the name of the lead vocalist may not even be too popular because I'm right now blanking on his name. I can only remember the face. But ask me any one of the other band members and I can't even tell you how they look like.

Its sad don't you think? Lets try and pay attention to the other band members next time you attend a concert.

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