Friday, December 14, 2012

Random stuff to do

I'm almost almost almost done with finals. Just one more left for next Monday and I will be officially halfway done with graduate school. Argh.. never been so painful in my life before. Graduate school is hard. Like crazily I want to jump off the cliff kind of hard.

But I'm almost done with finals and I'm going back home for the first time in one and a half years! Woohooo! Haha.. Wonder what I'm going to do? Get a Honeywell barcode scanner just for fun? That doesn't make sense. Go eat good food? Go out celebrating with friends? Pack?

More like packing. =.= At least I'll finally be able to catch up on leisurely reading. Ooh I should go shop for books online! =)

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Vegetarian Abroad said...

Cute post! I hope your last final goes well and that your trip home is amazing!! Going home will feel nice :)