Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hong Kong dramas

Its been a while since I last caught up with Hong Kong dramas. Okay.. I can't even use the word caught up because I havgen't seen one in ages.... like many many years... The last time I completed a whole series was probably in high school and that was almost 10 years ago. Argh.. time is passing fast and I'm getting old!!! Help!!!

But anyways... watching Hong Kong dramas is such a great way to improve on your Cantonese. I know many of my friends who learned their Cantonese through watching these dramas every single day. I myself learned quite a bit from it although having the Malay subtitles doesn't really help because you depend on it so much that you actually don't need to listen to the voice to understand it.

I wonder where I can actually get these dramas now? You can't exactly buy it on the streets these days unless you can do DVD duplication. Ok. Just to make things clear I'm totally not advocating piracy here. Just.. hahah.. any other legal suggestions?

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