Friday, October 12, 2012

You hard core rock fans!

Glee is super super awesome!!!! Ahhh!!!! I know a lot of people have been talking about last week's episode "the break-up" but I personally haven't watched it yet but I'm seriously a convert now. The songs that they cover are always soo soo awesome! Don't you think so?

I'm mean I'm sure some of you hard core rock fans may not like Glee songs because I know, lets face it, most of Glee's songs are very pop-ish and mainstream. Not that its a bad thing. Might just not be your cup of tea that's all.

All you rock people wannabes are probably jamming away in your garage, with your bass, guitar, drum sets and trying to put everything together with some awesome music software which I can't even pretend to say because I don't know anything about it. Like splendid cubase upgrade? What? No idea.

Haha.. but you should definitely at least try watching one episode of Glee. You might end of liking it! =)

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