Monday, October 29, 2012

Racial Stereotypes

There are so many stereotypes around. Chinese are stingy people, Filipinos love their karaoke (their magic sing), etc etc. How true are they? I mean I guess there are some extent of truthfulness in them or else these stereotypes wouldn't have developed in the first place but.. 

It hasn't gotten to a point whereby the first thing that comes into mind when you meet a person of that race is the stereotypes and that totally clouds your judgment about who they are.

Its okay if the stereotypes are harmless. For example what food they like. But even then, it can have a negative or demeaning connotation to it don't you think?

And when there is a positive stereotype, people can somehow construe it to mean something bad. Or it might even harm the other people in that particular race that doesn't have that trait.

Race is so interesting I tell you..

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