Friday, September 28, 2012

The Beauty of Music

The universe is probably playing some weird joke at me. Making me post music related stuff when sometimes, all you want to do is to erase from your memory all things related to something in your past.

But I digress. That's unimportant.

I recently really like watching Glee! Seriously.. the songs that they sing on that show sometimes really make the original sound sub-par, which is not really good I guess since we should always give credit to the original maker. Glee Project is especially interesting too! Seeing how the participants try to give their best in terms of singing, acting and just being themselves. I love the part there they adjust the serato scratch live in the music studio.

Music always has a way to bring you memories, whether good or bad. I need to stop being so sentimental and start having more life force! =)

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