Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tax again?

I just received a mail yesterday. The town that I'm staying right now wants me to pay motor vehicle tax!!! Seriously? Is there even such a thing? Argh.. everything needs tax now. Even the car you drive. And its not just a couple of dollars! Its a couple of hundred dollars!!!!

I didn't have that when I was in California. No wonder people complaint that living in this state is way to expensive. And its not that they provide you with everything nice either.

But talking about my car. I love my car so much. My dad has always been asking me to wax and polish it and I finally did!!!! Its so nice and shining now and I guess it really makes a difference. It doesn't get dirty so easily now.

Now I only need to put a vehicle tracking system in it so that if anything happens, I will be able to get it back. but then it only means more money to spent and I don't have it with all the law books I need to get.

Argh.. money.. financial stuff.. argh!!!!

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