Friday, June 08, 2012

Who is your father?

MTV's realities shows these days can be pretty dumb in my opinion. Seriously, why do people love watching other people's dramas? Does seeing other people cry and quarrel and suffer make you happier? Urgh.

The one about young teenage mothers is the most disturbing of all. I mean its already sad that the young teenage girl has to go through having her entire life changed because of one careless mistake but to have it shown on national television is a totally different story. Total exploitation if you ask me. She has to go through finding out about it, telling her parents, her friends, sometimes dropping out of school, telling her boyfriend and if the boyfriend is horrible person, allow him to go through a paternity test just because.

Argh. But I guess people feed on others suffering. That is entertainment. I just hope we don't reach the extent of Hunger Games.

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