Thursday, May 17, 2012

Battle between Mother's and Father's Day

Argh. The month of May and June are always pretty stressful months. For a student I mean. Or specifically students following the American system. May is always the month with finals/graduation and June is kinda like the in between. You need to look for jobs/internships and stuff so you don't look like a lazy good-for-nothing bum.

Its also the month that a child is supposed to show their love to their mums and dads. I always forget Father's Day is in June too. Attention is always given to mums because obviously they do work harder as a parent since they're the ones that had to go through child labor. But dads are pretty important too right?

What do you give your father? Maybe a Mens Diamond Watch? Though personally I think it'll look kinda weird on my dad.

But at least that's an idea.

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