Saturday, April 07, 2012

You lost weight!

One of my girls say I lost weight today! Woooo! Hahah..

I mean I totally don't believe her at all but hey.. I won't reject a person's compliment that I lost weight. Hell no! Hahha.. I sincerely doubt I lost weight but it never hurts when othe rpeople say you're nice and thin. Hahha.. I mean hopefully I'm nice and thin and not just "you lost weight." Full stop. no other comments. That will be kinda sad no?

If its really true though I think its because of all the stress and everything of life. Definitely not the appexit review that was made. I mean I don't even know how useful those stuff are.

Scary. Heard too many scary stories to really want to try it, no matter how desperate I am.

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