Saturday, April 07, 2012


I used to not understand women's obsession over shoes. I mean seriously, why care about shoes so much? Nobody exactly notices right? Who looks down and see what shoes you're wearing when there's already so much to see up there in the world?

But oh god.. I don't know whether its because of my age or not but I'm seriously starting to fall in love with shoes and buying as many pairs as I can afford. And feels.. they're the best. Kills your feet though but soo soo good. You just feel so much sexier when you wear sexy clothes. Haha.. Don't ya think so.

I love buying leather shoes. I know they're expensive and it hurts me to want to buy ir and even more when I officially buy it but taking are of it is another thing. I am soo bad at taking care of old stuff. Leather repair is definitely something I need to get myself into so that I will be saving a tons of money.

Ah shoes shoes shoes. Reminds of Sex and the City

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