Friday, March 23, 2012

Buying Stuff with your Phone

The new iPhone 5 is supposed to come out either in June or in October. Everyone must be so anxious for it to come out. I know I definitely can't wait. I wanted to get the iPhone last year but it was the iPhone 4S that came out instead so I decided to wait because.. you know.. I want something that is totally different, not something that is only improved a little bit.

But I know some of the phones right now (in Japan at least) has the function to be able to buy things merely using the phone. Crazy right? I can only imagine how dangerous it might be. Can information be stolen? What if your phone gets stolen. I don't know. I'm doubtful myself. But I guess that's the same with credit cards. That's why people have those RFID thingies that seemingly block those computerized stuff from stealing information from your credit card.

No idea.

Would you trust your phone having credit card functionality?

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