Thursday, February 02, 2012

Valentine's Heart

Its February. Yeah yeah. Don't remind me. I'm single and Valentine's day is coming. Blah blah blah..

Hahah.. seriously though. Its been yeeaaars since I last celebrated Valentine. Most times I was in a long distance so couldn't really celebrate it and after that.. well you know. Life happens.

And all the hearts and pink stuff and chocolate is making me slightly depressed. Although I guess its a good way to save money and not crack one's head to think of the "perfect" gift. Says the fox that claim the grapes were sour. Hahah..

No but for those of you who will be celebrating Valentines, Happy Valentine's Day and good luck looking for valentines day gifts for husbands/wives/girlfriends/boyfriends. The economy will thank you.

Meantime, I'll just be happy that this month is a leap month!


guld smykker said...

Awesome post. I loved all outfit. And I love the looks your wore yourself. You should do more posts about your own asian outfits. Also, the makeup is great.

Anonymous said...

nice idea. thanks for sharing...