Monday, November 07, 2011

Planner freak

How do you remember dates? Are you one that keeps everything in a planner and when your planner disappears, your whole world ends? Or are you one that keeps everything in your brain and every time you try to use a planner, you end up not checking it anyways.

I'm definitely the latter. I always tell myself that I want to start being more organized and keep a planner and I always get so excited when I get myself a pretty new planner. But I'll spend the first few days (in a year) trying really hard to be as detailed as possible with my schedule whenever something comes up but I never ever look back at it to see what I have for the day. Then because I knew I wouldn't check it anyways, I got lazy and stopped recording stuff. So I have a whole bunch of 98% empty planners.

Silly right? Well if you're one that needs a planner, then I guess save the date cards will be perfect for people like you. Not only will you have something physical to remember a special someone's wedding/birthday/baby shower, you can even clipped it inside your planner and make your planner even more busy!

But I forgot to mention that now that I'm in graduate school, things are starting to change. Sigh.. Either there's too many things I need to do, or my brain is getting slower.

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