Monday, October 24, 2011

Poor Graduate Student

You know what is the best way to lose weight? Being a poor graduate student living on your own. That's the best way. Carbs free diet? Protein only diet? Austin hcg diet? Nah.. just be a poor graduate student. That will solve all your worries.

Seriously. When you live on your own, your stomach is suddenly your full responsibility. No mother to force you to eat your dinner, no cafeteria outside your dorm where you just need to walk out and get food. Suddenly, you actually have to fork out the money every week, go to the groceries, buy food, and coook!!!! What is cooking anyways?

Yeah its scary definitely. Unfortunately though, I'm not sure if I'm losing weight. I didn't bring my scales over so I'm seriously doubting if I actually lost weight. All these cooking and deciding for myself what I can and cannot eat is not really good because I decide all by myself. Its liberating yet scary at the same time.

One thing for sure though, I'm getting huge panda like dark circles around my eyes and this is definitely without a doubt not a good thing. >.<


JT said...

Been there. Apples. Less than a dollar. Pick the biggest ones. Broccoli and brown rice. Also good. Hang in there.


Pink Cherry said...

Hi JT!

Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately I don't like apples. Haha.. but brown rice is good. Cup noodles are good too! =)