Monday, October 10, 2011

Please don't use bottled water

I'm sure everyone knows how valueble water is as a resource. We all need water to survive. But how people gain access to water, even for daily use like drinking and cooking varies depending on what circumstances you're born in. People in developing countries certainly have it way harder than people in developed countries. I'm considered super lucky if you want to talk about other more unfortunate people. I remember my mum used to boil water everyday for us to drink. Who even does that these days? With all the technology,  ten thousand kinds of filters, and the worse of all, which I can never accept: buying bottled water. I mean I get that some people are fussy and want to have a better taste for their water. That's why you have those reverse osmosis system, or those big gigantic tanks of distilled/natural water. But individualized bottled water?

How can people buy tons and tons of bottled water to consume daily? I mean I understand if you want to use it on a trip or for a picnic, but to consume three to four bottles of 500ml of water bottles a day is just beyond me. Can you imagine how many bottled water you'll be using a year? Ten years? And multiply that by the entire population in the US?

Urgh. Get so mad thinking about it.

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