Sunday, April 03, 2011

Girls and Cars

Since we're all seniors in college right now, all that is on our minds these days are what we should do after graduation. Especially with the economic these days, its really not easy to know or decide for certain what one should do after graduation.

I have one friend in particular that actually thought of taking summer courses or continue taking classes in community college after graduation. What is so surprising about that, you ask. Well.. she's thinking of taking a class in car mechanics because she feels that she should learn more about cars just for fun.

Haha.. ok. Not exactly just for fun, but you know us girls, we know nothing about cars and always need to depend on guys when something goes wrong with our precious automobiles. We know nothing about car battery, thrust bearings, oil change, transmission fluid, etc etc. So I really applaud her for thinking of taking a class to increase her knowledge so as to not always depend on men in the future. Wooo...

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