Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short Cute Guys

Guys.. Its really an interesting thing. I'm quite a relatively short girl but you know.. because I'm a girl, I don't really feel pressured to have the need to be tall. But for guys.. its a different thing huh.

I know my brother tends to be a little self-conscious when it comes to his height. Though as a sister, I try to tell him that it is all right. When the right girl comes along, she wont mind if you're short or tall. Though unfortunately I have talked to some girls too and they always say they wont be able to date a guy who is shorter than them.

Some guys, those who are shorter I mean, tend to like to be more muscular (like consuming creatine) if they're on the shorter side.

Me? I used to kinda think my guy should be taller than me too. But I think.. when you really like someone.. nothing else matters.

Hmm... Haha..

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