Saturday, March 12, 2011

High School Name Tags

Asian education, or more specifically Malaysian education can be so alien and foreign to Americans. There are so many instances where I thought that it was a totally normal thing to have while I was in elementary or secondary school and when I said it out loud to my friends, they always look at me with puzzled eyes.

One of it is the usage of name tags. I know my fellow Malaysian imaginary readers would totally remember this. We had to wear name tags on our school uniforms while we were in high school. I remember for the first few years you only need to clip it on, but after that, the school made a new rule that you had to sew your name tags on to the school uniforms!!!

I think the idea behind it was that they didn't want us to not go home after school. If we had our school uniforms with name tags on, it was easier to for "adults" to catch us and take our names down if we were in cyber cafes or malls.

Aih.. those were the days. Haha..

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